Friday, 9 March 2012

Polycystic Ovaries

Polycystic ovaries (pcos) also known as polycystic ovarian disease(pcod) has become a very common disease in the recent times, at times as common as allergy.  It can occur in any age group, as early as13 yrs and as late as 40 yrs also. Clinically, 15 yrs back, the ratio was 1:20 or even 30 and today the ratio is about 1:5. It means that for every 5 normallly menstruatiing women you have 1 woman who is suffering from pcos. It is again more common in urban areas than the rural areas. My area of speciality practice is Infertility in males and females, pco's, allergies and preventive healthcare through Homeopathic medicaitons, positive lifestyle changes, healthy dietary suggestions and counseling . I strongly believe that for any disease per se , treatment by default has to be with an Holistic approach and Classical Homeopathy. In my practice, pco's has been one of the major causes for Infertility in females.

The aetiological factors for pcos' are various like the hereditary, junk food, irregular diet, unhealthy lifestyle, career growth, nuclear families, relationship issues and last but not the least stress.

Clinically a patient presents herself with:
History of irregular periods, at times since menarche, periods which come once in 2, 3, 4 ,5or 6 months.
At times the cycles are regular but ovulation is not on time and this can be assessed by follicular study.
Scanty flow, lesser no of days of menstrual flow, both the quantity and quality of the menstrual flow is affected.
Occassional pain in the lower abdomen esp during ovulation.
Facial hair becomes prominent, excessive hair on chin, upper lip, sides of face, at times chest also, Hirsutism is seen. Acne rosacea or acne vulgaris may also be present.
Excessive hairfall so much so that hair thinning is easily visible and the balding.
Excessive or sudden weight gain despite following a proper healthy diet.
Insulin resistance.
The body shape is also bulky in the upper half and thinner in the lower half, disproportionate shape of the body.

Investigations like a simple ultrasound sonography of the abdomen -pelvic will reveal ovaries showing multiple small or single large cyst , unilateral or bilateral.
Follicular study will help in determinng the ovaulation time and the status of the ovum.
Laboratory tests like Glycosated hemoglobin, Insulin  resistance tests are done to assess the glucose levels so adequate diet and ADL's can be suggested.
Thyrid profile tests are also helpful as most of the cases of pco's are linekd with increase in thyroid hormone levels.
Hormonal tests like the Dhea, Fsh, Lh, Prolactin, Free testosterone, Androgen levels also help in determining other hormonal disorders related to pco's. 
Anti sperm antibodies test are done in women who are planning to concieve.

Treatment is good as we have excellent remedies in Homeopathy which will not only help in regulating the menstrual cycles, ovulation but will also help a lady planning for conception to concieve.
Dietary advise is normally low-sugar, low-sodium, fat free diet, oil free diet.
Adl's like regular walks, exercises are advised to improve the BMR(basal metabolic rate).

Prognosis is good with Homeopathic treatment which is a holistic method of cure.